Lost in Sevastopol

In 2014, a new entry in the Alien universe gave us the most faithful and well developed sequel since 1979’s original Alien. No, it wasn’t a film. It was a video game. Developer Creative Assembly painstakingly emulated the Alien experience in video game form with Alien: Isolation. Although the story and themes of Isolation sometimes feel like a play-by-play of the first movie, that’s about as far from a bad thing as you can get.

On a recent second playthrough, I focused on taking in-game screenshots as best I could to exemplify the game’s beautiful art design and lighting. My favorite aspect of Isolation’s design is how well it uses warm and cold lighting — often close to each other for an unusual contrast in a single scene.

All 96 screenshots here were obtained by hitting the Share button during play on the PS4 version. The HUD (however minimal it might be) is still present because of this, and occasionally I caught some subtitles in the shots. Whether you love the game, the movies, or maybe you want to take a peek because you’re too scared to play it yourself — I welcome you on this screenshot journey through Sevastopol Station with me.


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