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The Glitch Mob: Love Death Immortality


I arrived a little late to the party on The Glitch Mob’s hype train. I didn’t discover their first full-length album, Drink the Sea, until several months after it released. And it was only through a Noisia mixtape, by way of InnerPartySystem’s recommendation.

Despite my lateness, boy am I glad I found them.

The Glitch Mob’s second album, Love Death Immortality, is nearly everything a follow-up should be. It carries the same unmistakable signature vibe their music gives off, but it’s also not a copied and pasted version of their first album. That’s both a gift and a curse, however, because their first album is better. It’s more original, more experimental and it moves at its own pace with a sense of groovy mystery. If someone were holding a gun to my head and asked me to visually describe Drink the Sea in the most pretentious way possible, I’d say it often sounds like watching smoke and fog waft around dark, statically grinding machinery. And I mean that as a compliment.

Love Death Immortality complements Drink the Sea well because it has a different mission. Instead of being a slow-burn exercise in electronic atmosphere, it’s more of a thumping, fast-moving, on-your-feet, touring album. After all, The Glitch Mob have already established who they are quite well with Drink the Sea. No need to retread that territory. The prologue is over; let’s get to dancing.

Due to its insistence on being a dance electronic album, a few too many of the songs on it sound the same. The good news is that they still all sound good. However trickiness ensues when they introduce singers in the mix. Two tracks in particular, “Our Demons” and “I Need my Memory Back” have lyrics I often found cringe-worthy.

“You got me outta control/I feel my stomach on a roll/I need my memory back.”

Although I’ll fight on the front lines to defend The Glitch Mob, I expect better from these gentleman than cheap-sounding, underdeveloped lyrics.

Thank goodness Yaarrohs saves the day on “Fly By Night Only,” which could be the best song on the album. I’d easily pay for an EP of her and The Glitch Mob if they experimented more together in the future.

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