Most Disappointing Sequel Award

Most Disappointing Sequel Award:

Crysis 3


Crysis 2 is one of my favorite games of its generation. Not only is it bright and beautiful, it has perfectly-paced gameplay that lets the player decide exactly how he or she wants to carry out each combat scenario. Enemy encounters are often large with several tactical options for the player. It’s even possible to activate a stealth cloak and sneak by most of the enemies in the game. How do you think I beat it on Supersoldier difficulty?

All those things can also be said about Crysis 3, but with nearly nothing more to add. Crysis 3 is a beautiful, fluid game, but it feels more like an add-on to Crysis 2. Based on my feelings for 2, I wanted to love 3, but I just couldn’t. Crysis 3 isn’t a terrible game, it’s just not nearly as interesting as its predecessor.

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