iOS Game of the Year

iOS Game of the Year:

Deus Ex: The Fall


Deus Ex: The Fall surprised me. If you’ve known me for more than 10 minutes, you probably know Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of my favorite games of all time. So I approached its mobile companion, The Fall, with unease lacing my stomach. I play maybe five iOS games a year, and I usually finish about two or three of them. If one doesn’t grab me in 10 minutes, I usually delete it. After a few minutes with The Fall, I started making time every night to sit back on my couch, headphones in, with my phone in my hand to dedicate at least a solid hour to it.

The Fall is a bite-sized and faithful companion to its big brother. It has pretty much everything Human Revolution has — beautiful art direction, sneaking, hacking, combat, augmentations, upgrades, city hubs, dungeon missions — all packed into a mobile device. Some of the mechanics, such as gunplay, aren’t smoothly designed due to the touch controls. However, because I played stealthily, I rarely engaged in combat. More than anything, The Fall makes me curious to see where Deus Ex will go from here on mobile platforms. It ends with a cliffhanger, so I hope future chapters are inbound. The more Deus Ex I get, the better my quality of life.

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