I’m too Chicken to Give this a GOTY Award because it’s a Director’s Cut of a 2-year old Game Award

I’m too Chicken to Give this a GOTY Award because it’s a Director’s Cut of a 2-year old Game Award:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut

HumanRevolutionDeus Ex: Human Revolution launched in late summer of 2011 to positive reviews, despite nearly everyone having issues with a few scenarios (ahem, the boss battles) in the campaign. By some miracle, Square Enix green-lit a Director’s Cut version of Human revolution to ship more than two years later, right in the heat of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One launches. Square Enix really couldn’t have timed a game release worse.

Human Revolution’s Director’s Cut is the best version of the game, despite some of the promised mechanics being absent (from the 360 version, at least). The DC has altered boss battles, which give any playstyle a better advantage and more tactical options during them. It also includes the post-launch DLC add-on, The Missing Link, built right into the campaign. The Missing Link is an incredible add-on, and it lasts anywhere from 5-10 hours, depending on your pace at it.

The 360 version’s downside is it’s missing second-screen gameplay, which lets tablet users interact with the game via Microsoft’s Smartglass app. The second screen is used to hack, read files, manage inventory and can even be used as a game controller, among other things. However, at launch, the Smartglass app didn’t work with the game in any way. And five months later, it still hasn’t been patched.

Despite that letdown, which isn’t necessary to gameplay at all, Human Revolution Director’s Cut is a great game tuned to near perfection. Before the Director’s Cut launched, I played through Human Revolution’s campaign probably 10-15 times. In less than three months of owning the Director’s Cut, I played the campaign 2.5 times, which added up to more than 50 hours. I’m obsessed.

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