I Liked this, but No One Else Did Award

I Liked this, but No One Else Did Award:

Beyond: Two Souls


David Cage’s name evokes a never-ending list of adjectives if you speak it in an audience of gamers. He’s brilliant, stupid, daring, boring, elitist, innovative, cheap, pretentious and self-righteous, among several other things. His studio, Quantic Dream, produces games that focus heavily on story instead of gameplay, which directly contrasts a large percentage of video games. That’s why I’ll play anything Quantic Dream releases. Despite Beyond: Two Souls having a pretty lame story with iffy controls, I’ll continually admire David Cage’s effort to build a strong narrative with an experienced cast (Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe both star in Beyond) instead of making games that are just about shooting things for 10 hours with a loose story draped over it.

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