30 Days of gaming post 10 – Best gameplay

My best gameplay of forever award goes to Hitman: Blood Money.

No it’s not perfect, the A.I. is usually half brain-dead and some of the missions are unreasonably difficult (usually because of the unbalanced A.I.) but I love it.

Hitman games are about choices. No, not about paragon or renegade black and white choices that most games tout – but more along the lines of planning. Maybe choice is not the right word. Planning is definitely better.

When you start a mission in Hitman, you really have to pay attention to what’s going on. Using your trusty map, you can document enemies’ routes, see where targets are located, find useful equipment and much more. Most levels in Hitman games can be completed in a nearly infinite number of ways.

I prefer to plan things out, stealthily kill off people and take their clothes for disguises. I creep through crowds to quietly make my way to the target.

I like taking the time to plan things out and carefully make my way through every mission. It takes time and patience and it usually pays off in the end with a high ranking if the mission is completely quietly. Finishing each level in Hitman games gives me such a sense of satisfaction that I rarely find in other games.

But if I’m feeling fast and furious I can always equip the shotgun (silenced, No Country For Old Men-style) and just blow everyone in my path away as I walk to the target.

And therein lies the beauty of Hitman games.


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