30 days of gaming number 4 – Your guilty pleasure game

Hitman: Blood Money is my guilty pleasure game.

The only reason I say this is because when I tell people that the Hitman series if my favorite game series, I always think they’re going to think I’m a sick fucker for enjoying the contracts I complete on people.

And, yes, I do enjoy it. There’s something very special about climbing up the side of a boat, strangling four people and jumping back into the water without anyone knowing you were there.

I love the replayability of each Hitman level. The only thing I relish more than the above scenario is the ability to reload that level and play through it killing every single person the second time. Watching people flee in horror as you walk (very slowly) toward them while brandishing two shiny silver .45s is exhilarating.

Now please don’t turn me into the local police station for enjoying massacring people in a virtual setting.

Carry on.


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